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Kamis, 12 Juli 2007

Woman on top: how to ride a man

Woman on top sex position can be not only very gratifying for a woman but also one of the most favorite guy's position. The reason is simple: being the receiver in the process of lovemaking, he can simply enjoy the ride while watching the beautiful curves of female body. However, being on top doesn't only mean you sit there and move. In order to derive most pleasure from top sex position, woman and men need to find the best comfortable and enjoyable angle to move.

There are a lot of variations to woman on top sex position. You can choose some of them:

  1. Man lies on his back, woman leans forward towards man's face, resting on her hands.
  2. Man lies on his back, woman faces away from man.
  3. Man is sitting with his legs wide open, woman embraces him sitting on top and facing him.
  4. Man is sitting, woman is sitting on him facing away.
  5. Man lies on his back, woman is lying on him with her legs along his body.
  6. Man is sitting with his legs wide open, woman lies on her back ,facing the man, resting on her elbows and her legs around man's waist.

All these variations are important insofar both of you feel comfortable. For a woman, finding the right angle can be crucial to increase her pleasure and that is individual thing.

Advantages of "woman on top" position

Better stimulation of woman's sensitive zones: clitoris, G-spot.

Many women ask why orgasm never happens during an intercourse. Female orgasm results when many factors are involved. Clitoral teasing may be one of the most crucial factors for woman to orgasm easier and faster. When she is on top, she can add clitoral stimulation either by leaning so that the clitoris would be stimulated by pubic bone or a man could play with woman's clit to speed up her orgasm.

Talking about G-spot, here the sex position is about the right angle and motion. Of course, it doesn't mean you should bend his penis in all the possible directions. As the G-spot is located on the front vaginal wall, the best position would be the one that lets male penis reach G-spot which is better achieved with woman either facing away from man or bending forward, but again it's a matter of individual preferences.

Better control over the depth and rhythm of penetration.

When a man penetrates a woman he is the one to set the pace. But sometimes this rhythm doesn't appeal to a woman who for example needs it slow or otherwise wilder. When she is on top, she can experiment with a variety of pleasure positions and enjoy the rhythm she chooses herself.

One of the most interesting techniques in this position is to squeeze pelvic muscles around the penis while penetrating. For a man tightening muscles around his penis create a nice stimulating feeling.

For a man, the most pleasure is derived when his penis is better stimulated. Some men find it pleasant when a woman thrusts his penis in up-down motion, others are content with woman's slow sliding motions. In fact, a man has less control in this position that means woman should master the art of "riding". A man can help his partner by holding her hips and guiding her to the most pampering rhythm.

Visual stimulation

For many men the pleasure derived from looking at their beloved woman's body is as equally arousing to the sexual act itself. Give him the possibility to view the process, embracing him, touching and kissing to create that special atmosphere between both of you.

1 komentar:

Alex Puk mengatakan...

Nice article - I used it as a reference when writing my own guide post on riding your guy on my blog!
Basically it comes down to just remembering to get out of your own headspace, letting your thoughts focus on the sensations you can create and not worrying so much about how you look or what he may be thinking about you. Remeber to any red blooded male having the woman of his desire want him so bad that she's riding him is like top-5 in the greatest things that can happen to him in life....and he knows it.
So if you're worried about how your boobs look jiggling, or your hair is sticking to your face, or you think you just can't get the motion down you have to try to just forget and enjoy. Do what feels good to you, trust me it's all good for him, and it definitely looks great to him no matter what you think you might look like. You see the men staring at the girls jogging in the park? How can you possibly think your boobs jiggling around is anything but sheer pleasure to his eyes!
Relax, let go, be in the moment, find what you like, he'll be more than down for whatever turns you on!

-Alexa, Author of the blog how to ride a man